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About Action Spine and Joint


Our Mission

To continually strive to deliver the highest level of joint function and performance to the structure of the human body with the ultimate goal of maximizing durability and enhancing overall quality of life.


Our Objective

"It is my ultimate objective to get you to the point where you no longer need our services." - Dr. Bearden

One of the most common myths about chiropractic treatments is, "once you start going, you have to continue going forever!"

You will discover this simply is NOT the case with our office. Although many people visit us having experienced years of pain, our focus is to remove your dependency on us as soon as possible. For some, that may be after just two weeks of care, others two months, and for some, even longer. We believe in providing you with valuable knowledge on the various things you can do on your own to not only speed up the healing process but prevent a relapse. This philosophy has since resulted in my published book "The Chiropractic Way To Health."

The human body is an ever-changing organism, and much like your dentist, we do recommend you come in for maintenance and supportive check-ups after we have corrected your condition. You can replace your teeth in your mouth, but you can't replace your spine! Most people find that their time and money was well spent when they follow this advice, as well as implement our instructions into their daily routine. I look forward to meeting you and your family and playing an integral part in the complete restoration of your health.

Yours in health,

Dr. Casey Bearden

Dr Bearden

About Dr. Bearden

Straight out of high school, I obtained my x-ray tech certification through the Air Force because my goal was to go into a pre-med field. However, I simply was not quite sure what that consisted of. I began working for a couple of orthopedic surgeons in Selma, AL (where I am from) as I put myself through undergrad. I then went on to work at the ER department in Opelika, Alabama, while attending Auburn University.

With the exception of the obvious trauma cases I encountered on a daily basis, I noticed that the sick people just kept getting sicker, and the hospital/clinical environment I was working in was not conducive to what I considered "true health care," but more of a perpetual disease care model.

After further research, I discovered that I wanted to be involved with a discipline within health care that was more congruent with my pursuit of being an entrepreneur with a non-drug approach to health restoration. This notion invariably compelled me to investigate the profession of chiropractic care, where I discovered a path that led me to where I am today. I knew from the very first day of school that I had chosen correctly, and I have never looked back. It continues to be a great experience, and I am grateful to have found my true calling in life.

Books by Author Dr. W. Casey Bearden, Chiropractor

Dr. Bearden is an award-winning chiropractor in Nashville and has written two books: "The Chiropractic Way to Health: The Ultimate Self-Help Guide for Chiropractic Patients" and "Getting You Back into Action and Keeping You Off the Surgical Table."

Both are available for purchase on Amazon or in our clinic!

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